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What a life!

Do you think the Universe would allow me to come back as one of my daughter's cats?


Garden of the Gods

My darling daughter gave me the sweetest statue for Mother's day, and perched atop a column I've had for ages (Never throw anything out!), he makes me smile while I wash the dishes. The uncontrolled exhuberance of white blossoms and sweet fragrance of the honeysuckle fill my garden with beauty and wonder - and I am so grateful to be in Georgia. I was told you could plant a toothpick here, and it would grow. I believe it now.

When my dad was here from South Africa, he pruned the two rose bushes outside my lounge window. Actually, "pruning" is not the term I would have used - the once straggly, unkempt but still recognizable bushes ended up looking like kindling for a fire. But look at them now! There are more than 20 buds on the two bushes and every time I look out the window, I am filled with joy, and gratitude for a wonderful man who took me in when I was only four, and loved me as his own.
Thank you, Daddy.