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Baby Steps

I've just realized the immensity of this challenge that I've set myself!

"Grow my business"! How vague is that? That's really not going to cut it in the goals department. What I really want is to emulate my sponsor - a woman who has created a six figure income predominantly online. At home. In her pajamas. Six Figures!!!

Admittedly she has been in this business for many more years than I have, but I nonetheless hold myself up to her achievement and find myself wanting. A sneaky nagging tweak of envy, followed closely by a stomach-churning slide into self-criticism and doubts.

But all the while, over the whining and chattering negativity, there's this quiet firm voice in my head saying "What are you doing?! You know better than this!"
Hmmm. Here's an idea. How about if I actually start listening to that voice? What if I begin to trust the Universe (and myself) enough to believe that not only the direction, but the pace at which I travelling is just right. For me. Right now.

Trust myself? What a novel thought!
I've always been a self-confessed self-improvement junkie. You know, the one who always buys the latest book, and listens to endless CDs in the car. But today, in the car, with Jack Canfield pouring wisdom from the speakers, I realised that all the booksmarts in the world is not worth a pinch against one small action.
Profound, no? I nearly stalled the car in my excitement.

So ... my challenge has been narrowed down and honed into one brief statement:-
Each day I will take 5 small actions in marketing my business.
And the growing part should take care of itself.
So, here's the plan for Day 1:
  1. Take candles and sample bag to the nearby shop-owner who expressed an interest last week. (Was it really that long ago?)
  2. Talk to Three people who don't know that I have any other interests besides being the Goddess of Starbucks, and give them a 5 second overview of my candle business. Reminder to self -Do not attach to the outcome!
  3. Put my contact info on all my new catalogs (so I can actually hand them out). Do this while in front of the TV tonight. So as not to be called antisocial by the rest of the family.
  4. Spend 15 minutes attacking the clutter in the space that's euphemistically called my office. Being able to see even half of the top of the desk will be considered a monumental achievement and grounds for a celebratory ice-cream cone.
  5. Update at least one page of my website to reflect my new-found abundance mentality, as opposed to the slight tone of desperate pleading.

OK, so I realise its actually Day 3 of the Challenge itself, but I think I needed all the energy and input that I've experience from every wonderful person I've met there to get me to the point of not just talking the talk, but actually walking the walk.

Or at least, a few baby steps in the direction of my dreams.


So very much to share with you, Gentle Readers, that I hardly know where to begin.

I must first apologise for the long silences between the last few posts. I can only blame it on houses needing paint; floors needing cleaning; daughters planning weddings; sons entering college; husbands needing dinner; all coupled with growing my candle company and helping to keep my Starbucks open.

But the two Most Importent Items are as follows :-

Behold my Weight-loss graph!

Absolute, concrete, visual proof that I, Jacqui Gates, perpetually-plump-and-on-a-diet Jacqui Gates, have actually lost 13 lbs!
And the most wondrous, life affirming, self-validating part of all is that I know that this time it's permanent. I have found a tool to keep me on track, a system that works for me and above all, I can actually see myself as Thin. In the pictures in my head, I am slim and fit and vibrantly healthy, and every day the manifestation is becoming more and more real.

And this achievement has in turn given birth to a revitalization of my other purpose in life - to create an abundant life for myself and my family, and lead and empower others to do the same.

I have joined Bob Doyle's Boundless Living Challenge. You can get all the details if you follow the link, but basically it's a global 45 day challenge to step out of your comfort zone and actually reach a goal you're passionate about.

My goal is to Grow My Business to the point where it more than covers my monthly costs. This means to stop playing office (you know, organize my catalogs; make some pretty folders; tidy the office; etc; etc) and actually get out there and sell!

I'm creating a 5 Steps a Day plan that I'm committed to carrying out each and every day. No more airy fairy vague goals - just specific, identifiable, measurable results.

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow .....

No really, I promise!