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Curiosity Spooked the Cat

Sitting in my livingroom, I hear the cat hissing. Investigation reveals this little guy, calmly sitting inside the kitchen door, scooping catfood into his mouth.
To preserve whatever dignity the twice-as-large, cowardly cat had left, I closed the kitchen door.
But how can you resist those eyes?


Coffee thoughts

We sit here, my laptop and I, at a small table in my local independent coffee shop, and try to look like those millionaires we've heard that run their empires on the free WiFi from such establishments.

My coffee's cold; I've squandered half my allotted time; and I only have an empty Inbox to show for it.

Just how do I step out from reading to doing?

Spring Fever is coursing though my veins. I'm aching to grow and move and DO. So why do I feel like I'm wading though molasses?


Sunday, sweet Sunday

My absolute favorite day of the week.

Which is odd, considering that I probably do more work on this day than any other. For one thing, it's tradition in our house to begin the day with a full English Breakfast, which takes an hour to prepare and twice as long to enjoy. (See the toast-rack in the picture - I got mine at Harrods!)

How I relish these quiet, soul-balming moments when everyone's home and the house seems to embrace us all in a warm hug. There's something comforting, and restorative about having nothing planned; just puttering about a home that you love; washing this; dusting that; with lots of breaks in between to snuggle on the couch with the Center of My Universe and a hot cup of tea to watch tennis or baseball.

Life is good.