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Welcome, 2009!

This is my New Planner for this Brand New Year.
I just had to get one having seen it as a giveaway on my soulfriend's blog.

Don't you just love new planners? Actually, I will confess to an addiction to any new stationery - journals, letter pads, notepads, anything. There's something so promising, so inviting about that empty page, as though it's trying to coax you into a little creativity, or perhaps to make manifest the first step of a long standing goal.

Even jotting down your next Starbucks shift becomes a little less mundane.

And if you have an exquisite fountain pen with which to write - so resonant with prosperity and tradition - then the whole experience is so much more delicious.

So here we are. 2008 is officially history - good, bad, indifferent - and 2009 beckons.

I for one am determined not to let the fear-mongering and scarcity consciousness of last year carry over into this. Just like the January page in a fresh new planner, I intend to begin on a clean slate. I have set my focus on the possibilities and the potential offered by this official day of re-starts.

Today I plan to browse over 2008 for the last time - to glean what insights I can from the highs, the lows and the ordinaries - and I will use those insights to carry me forward into a truly stupendous 2009.

So forgive the four month intermission between the last post and this one.
And join me in making this the Year of Focus and Follow-Through.
Because with those two skills, and a nice new planner, we can achieve our Dreams.