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Tools of a Domestic Goddess

It's taken quite a few years, but I feel I can now officially claim the title of Domestic Goddess. It was not always this way, I can assure you, but these days I can honestly say that my home is welcoming, peaceful, organized and usually clean enough for company. There are scented candles burning, dinner is organized and I would not hesitate to invite anyone in.

I firmly believe that we all deserve a beautiful sanctuary and I thought I'd share a few tips and tools on how I create mine They're not the usual, but then neither am I!

The first one is the Fly Lady. How I wish I had found her when my kids were tiny and life was a lot more hectic. But really, the skills she teaches can be applied to any home, whether child-free or overrun with teenagers. And the whole thing is FREE! You just sign up for her email reminders and essays - warning here, there are a lot of emails, don't get overwhelmed! - and you just follow her babysteps. It really does work. Check out the site and let me know what you think. I wouldn't be without her.

The next one is The Secret. If you haven't seen the dvd or read the book, I recommend to do both! The difference learning about the Law of Attraction had made in my life cannot be over-emphasized. The crux of it is that you get what you focus on. You will bring into your life more of whatever you think and talk about most. So if, like me, you keep saying "I can't afford that." or "I don't have the time.", then guess what? You will keep not being able to afford the things you want, or have the time you need to do the things that make your life worthwhile. It's not just some New Age mumbo jumbo. I've just been to a conference for my scented candle company and every one of the really successful leaders used some form of the Law of Attraction. It works - just try it

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about my "Secret Weapon" in the fight against chaos and fast food!

Come back soon.
Till then, focus on the Good in life.

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