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Learning to Dance

Over the past few weeks, I have had a building sense of frustration - that feeling of being Almost within reach of what I want but still ... not... quite... making it.

I've had so many small indications from various sources that tell me I'm progressing, gifts and accolades and shout-outs of encouragement from people who are where I want to be, but still the feeling of being out of step persists.

I think, perhaps, it's a bit like learning to waltz.

At first you're looking at your feet, counting in your head, concentrating on not falling on your face or stepping on your partner's toes. There's a bitter sense of frustration, you have all the pieces, but they just won't mesh.

You toss it off with a laugh, a self-deprecating comment, but inside you're squirming. You see others swirling by, looking smooth and effortlessly glamorous and you long for their skill and confidence.

And still you count, 1-2-3, 1-2-3. One step at a time, tripping, pausing, righting yourself. Absolutely determined not to join the wallflowers.

But then suddenly, magically, it all comes together. Head, feet, body, partner all just click and you can flow with the music. You lift your head, smile at your partner. And really, really Dance.

That's where I am with my MLM/online biz. Still watching my feet, counting out loud, trying not to make a fool of myself.
I have been so very tempted to stop trying, stop starting over, and just sit this one out.

But I made a COMMITMENT ... to Myself.

And because of that commitment,
I will not give up.

I will not be a wallflower.

I have found the right dance floor, and the right partner.

And I will keep moving until I dance.

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