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Waiting to be Special?

I saw this Red Had lady at the Mall the other day.
She ordered her coffee, graciously left a tip and then settled at one of the tables to watch the world go by.

And she got me thinking about the whole Red Hat thing.

You've probably read the poem by Jenny Joseph ~
"When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me...."

And I wondered,
why do we feel we need to wait until we're old to do something "out of the norm"?

Why do we need permission to do things that make us feel beautiful, special, unique?
Like wear a maroon shirt when the rest of the office wears white?
Eat off the 'good' china when there's no company coming?
Or wear a ball gown to go grocery shopping with your equally bedecked little girl?
(I did this once ~ it was Fun!!)

I've noticed that it's the very young and the very old that seem to be able to shed this claustophobic mantle of 'normalcy'.
Once we hit our 30s, we all become bland, ordinary, afraid of standing out.
Except when we get "permission" ~ like at Halloween or New Year.

Isn't that sad?

Why do we stifle the very spark that makes us Special?
Why mask the outside reflection of your Uniqueness?

Today, I double dare you to do something Out of the Ordinary that fills you with Bliss and makes your Being tremble with the lusciousness of authentic living.

I think we'd be a lot less worried about what people think of us,
if we realized how seldom they actually do!


Shirley said...

I agree Jackie, I think we should live in the moment and do it (whatever "it" is) now. It feels so good to let your light shine and do what resonates with you. It can be something silly or something profound. It really doesn't matter as long as it makes you feel happy. Thanks for the reminder.:)

Shirley Muhammad

jhardin said...

I think you are right Jackie. I think we tend to get bland after a while. Ok I am a little above 30 well almost 40 and I think my clothes are not exactly what you call stylish. Well just regular casual work clothes. Now I grew up in the 80s. Back then, now don't tell anyone, but I used to peg my pants (roll them), wear a swatch, all of my pants had the baggy pleated kind...well you get the picture. I was in style. Well I thought I was. Somehow I just got bland and plain. So I may just take your advice. Well I wont be going to the grocery store in a ball gown but maybe add a little color to my normally bland kind of look.

Thanks it gave me something to think about!


Sire said...

I think that perhaps it's because the very young and very old don't really care, but for two different reasons.

The very young because they don't know any better and the older person because they are comfortable with who they are and don't really care what others think.

Jacqui G said...

And that, Sire, is precisely my point. We need to reach the point of not caring what others think a lot sooner than old age ~ so we have plenty of years left to discover, celebrate and revel in the luscious individuality society would have you keep in check.

Jupeters Creations said...

I take the challenge Jacqui...I have made my first post to a blog and its yours.I commend you for your FIRST video, you inspire me! I was led to your blog via facebook and I am so glad to have found you! A fellow Libran and a goddess Wow do I feel like one lucky lady today.Thanks for being here! Judy

Debi said...

What a great post. You are so right, people really don't think about what we are doing as often as we assume they do.

I wrote a blog post not too longer about about some wise advice from a 90 year old woman.

So grateful I did not wait till I was 90 to figure it out and am passing it on too my kids. Actually my 29 year son is the one that forward the info to me for a post.

Jacqui G said...

Debi, the best thing about learning this early is that we can pass it on to all the young things we meet. Love your blog post too!

Jacqui G said...

Goddess Judy, you overwhelm me! Thank you so very much :) And I love, LOVE the tea blog. Although I work at Starbucks, I usually drink tea - somehow the little rituals of boiling the kettle, choosing the tea and brewing it feed my soul. We are so alike in many ways and I'm so very glad to have met you.
Bliss and blessings,
The Goddess known as Jacqui