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The Flip Cam - and what it taught me about being scared!

I've always used FaceBook for my videos, but thanks to Santa, I got an HD Flip camcorder. It took me ages but I finally managed to upload it to YouTube.

The message is - don't let imagined limitations hold you back!


Jupeters Creations said...

Hi Goddess Jacqui....
this is Goddess Judy here and I too, thanks to Santa got a flip video camera and mine also was on my list! I have only played with it taking little vids of my little friend 'Mr Tea' is his name (5lb yorkie) I have struggled with getting the courage one might call it to upload anything to be on line but once again you inspire me tremendously. I shall work on this courage and see if I can push through to give it a try, my knees are shaking and its not even me I am attempting to post as of yet.I have a new blog I am struggling with as well just to get the first word on it ....oh I hope this flip cam teaches me too not be scared as well....your a wonderful goddess and I am so pleased to have found you.

Zan Z. Packard said...

Jacqui...I too am wanting a flip camera to vlog...oh the anxiety!! And I haven't even ordered one yet. I'm looking to you and your followers to bolster my courage!!