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First Steps

Perhaps announcing to the Universe and all Gentle Readers that I would post a blog entry every day for the rest of April was a little radical ... If one spends the whole day hoping and waiting for something to happen than would constitute a decently entertaining/enlightening/not boring entry, then surely the whole thing is more trouble than it's worth?

However, what such a statement does do, is get you off the couch and in to the kitchen/garage/black-hole-called-the-study so that you can, at the end of the day, truthfully say that you accomplished something..... And then wrote a blog entry about it!

I have done/finished/accomplished all three of my MITs today - Ta Dah!

Tonight, when I lie upon my pillow, I will not feel disappointed for those minutes wasted doing unimportant things. I will be satisfied with baby-steps taken toward far horizon goals. And be happy.

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