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So, where's the money?

When one owns this many make-a-million-dollars-in-a-month books, one gets to wonder why one's bank account does not reflect said million. Surely, since I have actually read all of them, there should be several zeros behind the lone digit on my balance sheet. Or perhaps the lack of funds is in direct correlation to the number of books. If I hadn't bought the books, I would have more money.
This has been a point to ponder while tidying my office. It led to two momentous decisions today, made while Anthony Robbins and I did a goal-setting workshop over a superb coffee at my local happy place. (Actually, he wasn't really there - just his voice in my earphones from yet another self-help audiobook.)

Decision 1 : I will follow my good friend's lead and post a blog entry every day from now until the end of April. I will document and publish the redirection, re-invention of my life that is at present just a cluttered collections of journal pages and post-it notes.

Decision 2 : I will actually use at least one piece of advice from each of said books, tapes, training manuals. And I'll share with you how it goes.

I think I'll start now ...

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Searching for a pen... said...

I'm with you on the book collection. (: There a pile of books on every viable surface in my home! (: Now if I could only find my copy of this month's book club selection....(: